The Chippy Doon the Lane: 84 Buchanan St, McCormick Lane, Glasgow G1 3AJ, Open 12 - 9.30pm Daily

About the Chippy Doon the Lane

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For over one hundred years the traditional fish and chip shop has served the humble fish supper to families across Britain every single day. Since opening our doors in 2007 we have set out with one goal in mind. To offer a fresh and up-market twist on the old school fish and chips we all know and love.

Situated just off Buchanan Street at the end of McCormick Lane the restaurant is housed on the first floor of Glasgow’s iconic McCormick Printers building. Having completely transformed the building we have been serving up our fresh and authentic fish and chips to the families, diners and shoppers of Glasgow ever since.

We are specialists in the art of cooking fresh fish. Ranging from traditional classics such as Cod and Haddock to more contemporary choices such as Monkfish Tail and Coley. All of which have been carefully selected with sustainability in mind.

Whether you are a visitor to the city, out with the family or in town for a spot of shopping and looking for somewhere to dine. The Chippy Doon the Lane provides a unique dining experience for all the family.


Out of Sight but Out of this World

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Chippy Doon the Lane Brilliant

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Sole Contender!

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Fish Tea is a Must!

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"Huge portions of nice fresh fish in crispy batter, proper mushy peas and nobody judging you for eating a pickled onion layer by layer."

-Julie Baillie, via